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Sports Massage

Sports Massage uses different varieties of pressure (typically more intense & area specific compared to a conventional massage) helping to ease pain and relieve tired muscles, reduce recovery time after training, improve sports performance & help prevent sports injuries e.g. calf strains.

Sports Massage can benefit many different people, not just athletes: 

  • It can help identify any potential problems

  • Reducing general fatigue, tension & stress

  • Improve flexibility & circulation 


Your session will begin with a consultation with Sarah-Jane which will include a postural analysis to determine which areas your Sports Massage should be targeted on. Sports Massage uses a targeted approach and is normally 45 or 60 minutes duration. We also have our Leap Valley Platinum package available; this gives you the added luxury of an additional 30 minutes traditional, relaxing massage after your 60 minutes of Sports Massage.

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