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Let's put the Spring back in your Step!

''Be an active participant in your well-being''

At Leap Valley Massage, we provide a variety of tailored & restorative massages designed to give our customers a relaxing & luxurious experience. In order to have a long, healthy, and fulfilling life, self-care is essential, which is why we take great pride in providing each client with the best experience possible.


Who will benefit from our massages?

Sports massage is not only useful for people active in sport, it is also extremely good for relieving lifestyle-related & stress tension which can cause pain. A constant build up of tension in muscles, either through lifestyle or regular exercise may lead to stress on muscle joints, ligaments & tendons. Regular treatment helps to prevent tension & stress, which can lead to injury.


Our reviews

I had a lovely massage working specifically on my right shoulder which I was having trouble with. Sarah Jane used her magic and worked on it from every angle whilst I was snuggled under blankets on the heated bed

I left relaxed and relieved with some tips on how to keep things mobile.

A fantastic experience and would recommend to anyone

- Felicity

I moved to Bristol in September and desperately needed to find a massage therapist. Luckily Sarah's leaflet came through the door and she lives close by! She was so kind and friendly as soon as I arrived and took time to assess what my body needed-which was a lot of work on my shoulders! I felt so loose and refreshed after the massage- the massage definitely did the trick! Will definitely be returning in future!


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Our locations

Leap Valley Massage (Winterbourne)
Britannia Close
BS36 1AR

Leap Valley Massage (Chipping Sodbury)
First Floor Goldney House
59 Rounceval Street
Chipping Sodbury
BS37 6AS

Open Tues-Saturday

Open Fri-Saturday

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